Monday, December 21, 2009

Playstation 3 Game Console Review Site Launches

JKnowl2 , an Internet marketing affiliate based out of Maryland, has announced that they are launching a new website that will feature information on the Sony Playstation 3 game console. This new website can be found at

“The mission for this website is to provide interested customers with information that they want about this amazing game console and games released on it,” said John Knowles, founder. “The item is in high demand so we have made this review website that is an affiliate site.”

Knowles also states that this review site is in no way a part of Sony Playstation 3 or a creator of Sony Playstation 3. He added that this is solely a review site to refer potential customers to the product.

It was also said that this item can be shipped free of charge, which is another advantage of shopping online for this product.
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