Sunday, January 16, 2011

Happy Birthday, Aaliyah!!

Well, here is one of my more personal blogs. Aaliyah is someone I've admired, had a crush on since I was around 8 years old. She always had this mystic, cool, secretive vibe about her that I always loved. From the time that she was producing her songs with R. Kelly to the times of Missy and Timbo, she had a great track record and was nowhere near the height of her career! In fact, that joint was simply STARTING to take off.

I remember when Aaliyah passed away, I couldn't contain myself at all. I was extremely sad..I rarely cry but I definitely cried when she passed. Although, I had not met her, she had a strong presence in my life. Her character, her goofiness, her elegant voice, her playful nature was just so authentic. She didn't have to be sexy, she was just naturally beautiful, period. She was going hard on songs with DMX and brought that polish to a rough diamond. She was rocking baggy jeans, timbs, and a tanktop. Still killing a lot of these females nowadays rocking skimpy clothing.

I still recall time and time again when I had a dream about Aaliyah probably a few days after she passed. It was so vivid, it felt so real! Like the air was slapping my face in a good way, and she was right there in person. I always wanted to meet her in real life and never got the chance to, but God wanted me to meet her in a spiritual form. That made it even more special. We were just chillin in my neighborhood. I have no reason why because I didn't ask. She was just a real chill, cool person. No celebrity to her. She just really enjoyed the simple things in life. She was telling me that she had to go the Bahamas in a couple weeks to shoot her video "Rock the Boat". I felt like a prophet because I already knew what happened. I said to her, "Aaliyah, please don't go on that won't return home. Your plane will crash." She said to me with the most convincing voice and most piercing, gentle eyes, "If I'm to die, then I have no control over it. It's up to God. If it's my fate, then so be it." She simply smiled right after this to me. My dream ended.

Now, you see..hearing this in a dream was just so eerie but made so much sense. I honestly became much more spiritual after I had this dream. I realized that although I had not met Aaliyah in a physical form, God allowed me to see her in a spiritual and most personal format. From that moment on, I always felt like Aaliyah was a guardian angel of mine. Always somehow looking down on me. Checking up on me. I haven't had anymore dreams about her since that moment, but for me...that's good enough.

Aaliyah, your legacy will continue on through your family, your friends, your fans, and your music. We will NEVER forget you. Rest in peace.