Saturday, February 13, 2010

Unbreakable 3 is here!!

Just a few more hours til I leave home to go this event...I've gone to circles a few times, but I've never been to unbreakable. I cannot wait to see the atmosphere for this event...def gettin super fresh sb hoodie (check) fresh....fresh coral snake dunks with yellow/black + red/black fat laces (check)....raw 501's black denims (check)....yellow n black (shop gentei hat) <---check!! and alternative outfit just in case shit gets hectic (CHECK)...should be a dope day! The bboy cypha jam yesterday wuz nice......fleg wuz rippin it....substantial murked the stage....and i wuz kickin it with a fly honey that sooo happened to call me at the last min... i ain't have any plans...i <3 her for that. here's a trailer for the event! niiceeee

here's the info for the jam
WHEN:February 13th,2010
Where:Johnson Center (Dewbarry Hall)
Hosted by:Guerrilla WIll & Atomic Goofball
Entrance Fee: $20 General Admission | $10 females
-=5 VS 5=- $5,000!!!
-=1 VS 1=- $1,000!!!
Stelf (Arrive to Defy) vs Stripes (Main Ingredientz)
Fatrawk (Arrive to Defy) vs Dwelz (Fresh Intellex)
Meen 187 (Dynamic Rockers) vs Iron Man (CAB Crew/Urban Artistry)
*we have a surprise exhibition match also*

HONORS| Lokee/Shogun (DVC)/Labratz

Vendors & Sponsors
Any Questions regarding Event or Vending
Contact:Monk (

AFTER PARTY AT MODERN IN DC! 21+ dress to impress also exclusively covered by STRIFETV

Unbreakable 3 Trailer from samuel nakama on Vimeo.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Why is Social Networking imperative nowadays?

From the music aspect, here's a couple of youtube vids from Jermaine Dupri. In a struggling economy, I think it's mandatory to hear something like this. People are complaining about lack of jobs, this that and the third. I tell them...why not build your own something u like...u market it on ur own...monetize it. I realize more and more everyday. Life does not wait for anyone. When you say what you are going to do. Go after it, period. Don't sit on ur ass all day saying what you gonna do. Just do it. Life rewards goes to the go getters, period. Go for urs in whatever avenue you choose. I feel blogging, twitter, facebook, and other avenues are some of the best ways to market without spending a dollar. Twitter for me is the most useful because the amount of followers you have on top of all the curious ppl out there let u know how powerful your stuff is. I might send out a tweet on a subject that interests me such as gaming (like a new cheat or a new release). I have 600+ followers and that one tweet might get me 35 visitors on my blog site. Information travels fast, and a tweet is concise, str8 to the point. It's almost as if it's a title that draws u right into the product you are marketing. Let me not steer away from the topic, though.

Here's a good break down of how useful and imperative social networking is definitely not the same anymore. No traditional marketing plan of a website will not work, anymore. Blogging is what counts. People are into a more personal vibe. Ppl want their info quick, fast, and the point to be concise. A lot of ppl are sleeping on it, but it's definitely important. Ppl don't realize that changes are happening faster and faster. I'm not saying to get on a bandwagon, but when it's something like this. It's definitely useful. Don't be the one caught in the matrix w/o a key. Str8 up. Be the one that gets the spare and always have keys on deck to unlock doors.

With all these free *for now* avenues that are happening, don't sleep on it. Once it's closed, it's closed. Wake up! That is all =). Peep the vids below...and also check out Jermaine's twitter... 

Overdue but RIP BIG PUN

Much respect to all the boricuas out there. This cat definitely put it down. Not only the best Latin American lyricist *imho*, but one of the best lyricists in rap, period. Big Pun wuz ill. This wuz a big dude like bigger than the Notorious B.I.G. but the way he spit, u def didn't know. This fool spat in a multi-syllabic style of rhyming (straight spitfire flow). And the thing about it, he didn't take breaths...his ass kept going! LOL. I loved his punchlines, too. It was like he was really boxing u or stabbing u. Cat could catch wreck with anyone. Definitely dropped a lot of juelz. Here are some of my fav joints right here including a rare freestyle with X, Mos Def, and Canibus ...

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Apple releases Aperture 3

It’s been almost 2 years to the day when Apple released Aperture 2.0, and this morning the company announced that the third iteration of the photo editing and management software is available. Some of the new features include Faces, Places and Brushes, many of which will be familiar to people using iPhoto ‘09.

With the new version, Apple makes it easier for people to step up from iPhoto to Aperture, while still providing professional photographers with a powerful program for editing and managing their libraries. Apple says the new software boasts over 200 new features.

One of those, Faces, works just like in iPhoto, there is face recognition technology.

This allows you  to explore photos based on the location they were taken, and like in iPhoto, Places automatically reverse geocodes GPS data into different locales.

In Aperture 3, you can assign locations by dragging-and-dropping photos onto a map or by using location information from GPS enabled cameras, tracking devices or iPhone photos.

Aperture 3 also introduces new tools to refine your photos including Brushes for painting image adjustments onto parts of your photo, and Adjustment Presets for applying professional photo effects.

New slideshows let you share your work by weaving together photos, audio, text and HD video.

Apple features six pre-designed themes but also lets you choose your own transitions, background, borders and titles, and add your own soundtrack. You can export your slideshows directly to iTunes to take with you on your iPhone or iPod touch. There’s also a social networking element to the new Aperture, as you can publish photographs to online photo sharing sites like Facebook and Flickr, straight from the software client, in addition to the ability to print photo books.

The Apple Store is currently still down, but it will be available on there soon, as well as in the company’s own retail stores and Authorized Resellers for a suggested retail price of $199. Existing Aperture users can upgrade for a suggested retail price of $99.

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Monday, February 8, 2010

Nas is that dude

Ok, this is the reason why I fuck w/ Nas. He doesn't have to prove himself any longer being a vet in the game having nearly 20 yrs in this joint. I'm just saying tho....his flow is submerged in the fountain of youth. I dunno what happened with the whole Kelis situation but ever since that divorce dude looks younger and he's rhyming with the spirit that he had in his early yrs. I appreciate the maturity..but sometimes, going back to ur essence of hunger puts napalm on ur hard to keep flames. Nas - props, props, props.

Ibuki gets a limited edition cover for her Street Fighter Legends series

This is really dope. I have the whole Chun-li edition for Street Fighter Legends. This is definitely a great addition. I cannot wait to cop this. Mos Def a big deal...For more info, check out

Cedric The Entertainer acting a dayum fool

LOL, this is mad funny. I can't help but lmfao. I'll be posting at least one hilarious clip every single day. Enjoy =)

Hilarious iPad Mad TV ad

Enough said! Just go watch it! It's mad funny...hahahahahaha. From 2006....oldie but goodie....

Sunday, February 7, 2010

R.I.P. J-Dilla

Not too much to say other than the fact that this cat put it down in the game. Talented producer and emcee. He could do the mainstream shit, the r & b shit, and the underground shit for ease. He produced for everyone including Mos Def, Common, Talib Kweli, Slum Village, and Janet Jackson to name a few. He was a very knowledgeable cat when it came to his music. In my humble opinion, I consider him the Tupac of producing just for the simple fact that this cat has beats for years and years that we may or may not know about. He deserves every single accolade he's gotten and anymore that he will get posthumously. I'll post a few of my fav Jay Dee joints later, but here is an interview from Common. You can tell they were good friends.

Don't worry a Big Pun post is coming later, haha.

Athletes non-athletic antics...

Ok, this is an issue that I need to address right quick.  Why every week do I have to hear about another celebritiy's mainly athlete's infidelity, abuse, or something else?

Aight, one thing - celebrities (you are human) you are not insusceptible to getting caught by the media. I wish most of y'all would be more aware and abreasted to the fact that media x celebrity x money = no privacy. So that means you would already be on iSpy camera. C'mon have some common sense?? Plz!! Your infidelity or wrong doing will come to justice. Yes, I understand that other ppl more worse shit, but I'm just saying - you are in the limelight a lot of the times and ppl make their living stalking *ahem* um...taking pictures of u..lolol. I mean, look at all the celebrity blogs out there. You do realize all the rumors, facts, etc..they are getting paid regardless.

Number # 2 - why should we care? they are ppl..let them live their lives even if it's wrong. I mean, they will pay anyway because karma is a big fat bitch you don't wanna fuck (seriously). I mean, this drama is not putting money in your pocket. Why do u care? Focus on urself and keep it moving. And not act like u r perfect, either. We are all imperfect humans that are learning every single day. We are a bound to mistakes no matter how lil or catastrophic. At one point or another, we will be feeling ourselves (meaning we think we are untouchable - don't get it twisted..haha).

Well, this is not going to be some long diatribe or lecture or preaching...just wanted to get a couple things off my chest. I know it's a lil bit more personal and vehement. Oh well. It's my blog for a reason. haha. Welp, now to kick back and getting ready for the Superbowl (should be interesting seeing as both teams have something to fight for).

Peace n <3 y'all.