Tuesday, December 13, 2011

VoyR Presents: Watch The Throne Tour Backstage (Ep.2)

I'm really diggin these short webisodes. You not only get a look into the WTT, but you also get a look into their lives. Not just the glitz and glamor but the stuff behind the smoke in mirrors. I mean, taking it back to Kanye's old home after his Moms passed away a few years ago, you def gotta take things in perspective. check out Episode 2 below.

The Chi by toobu13

Monday, December 12, 2011

Amanda Seales formerly Amanda Diva creates new show "Death of a Diva"

As a huge Amanda Diva supporter, I love to see something like this. Her name change that's been quite a staple since the early 2000s when she was co-host of MTV2's Hip-Hop Countdown with DJ Clue was something stirred up quite a following on Twitter. Why the change many ask? Well, here you have a day and age where the term "Diva" has just a derogatory meaning that it changes the scope of the person.

In this video, you get a taste of what kind of message she's trying to convey. The message of constant stupidity in Today's reality show, how women are constantly bringing other women down in Television, and how the name "Diva" just doesn't ring the same bell as before. I support here 100% it's a really dope, dope video. You get to see her talents ranging from acting, impersonations, comedy, music, songwriting, producing, and more! Check it out:

Untitled from amanda diva on Vimeo.

TFS Abridged Parody Episode 26: Alien vs Piccolo

You already know what it is! Another hilarious episode of the great Team Four Star DBZ Abridged!! Peep it!!

MEN IN BLACK 3 - Official Trailer - In Theaters 5/25/12

After many Rick Rolls, the trailer is finally here! LOL. It seems like they are going way, way back into time with this one! Peep it!!!