Thursday, October 7, 2010

First Tattoo ends up in lady screaming for dear life

Yo, nothing to go indepth here, but is it wrong that I laughed the whole time watching this joint? LOLOL.

Worst Tattoo Customer In History - Watch more Funny Videos

Sunday, October 3, 2010


Yo, real talk - I would not want my caribbean ass up there. So you're saying that I'd be over 1700 feet in the sky with basically no support? OH HELL NAW!!!! More power to those people and I hope they are making beaucoup, but you couldn't pay mi bombaclot rass to be that high in the air with basically no support. You see how skinny that tower is...ridiculous? And on top of that, it's a GREAT conductor of electricity. I feel sorry for them when there is a storm amidst. You know how long it would take them to climb down??? This is some crazy shit. These mofos need to be on Superhumans or something. LOL. All jokes aside: I give people like this the utmost props and respect. Big balls (No axe). lol. Peep it!