Friday, January 11, 2013

Style Elements Crew Monsta Mondays November 2012

This is a DOPE clip! I'm really happy that there are a lot of old members here and Steelo is getting some of his classic stuff back down. I hope he comes back in the next few years stronger than ever. Definitely blessing to him. Style Elements definitely influenced me big time when it came to keep the essence by taking it a few steps higher with your own creativity. Definitely gotta give them mega shoutouts. A big shoutout to Pandy being a new member of the SEC. Definitely a dope fit and I can see that the dynamics of b-boying is helping not hindering her skills. Be sure to check out Crumbs' Mixtape "Battle Drill" on his DJ Crumbs soundcloud.


How can the fairy collective surprise the sin?

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Throwback Thursday - Method Man and Redman Stung

I have to say this is definitely the precursor to Punk'D. Too funny! This is only a one episode thing where Meth and Red were in the studio purposely making an offbeat track and they got Luda to spit and put a hook over it. LOL. It's quite ridiculous, but Ludacris actually rode the beat! I want to say this was around 2001-2002?

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Nas interview on 92Y with Anthony DeCurtis

This is a really great interview and introspective into Nas. I've always appreciated Nas for not conforming to the standards of now, (a hot beat and hook). He's in his own lane that's very inspiring to me. Nas will always be one of the illest artists to touch the mic, period. It's no wonder that CNN Magazine named him Greatest Lyricist of All Time. This is a great 1 hr look into his music, his beat selection, state of music, upbringing, etc.