Friday, March 26, 2010

Usher ft Nicki Minaj "Lil Freak"

I've been an Usher (Confessions, My Way, 8701, etc) fan for a min, and I hope he delivers with Raymond v Raymond. Definitely sounds like a banger, but this video..hmm...coulda been a lil more spice. Not gonna front. Not a bad video, though..def like the song and the concept. What do y'all think? Check it out...


Diggy's version of Nas "Made You Look"

Aight, we all know that the original "Made You Look" by Nas is a complete hood anthem/classic. Yes. You cannot topple the original. At the same time I said to myself, "Ok. I can't front on this kid." We all know that his father is  Rev. Run  from the famous Run DMC and Run's House....they of course broke countless bounds and barriers in their career. However, that does not always mean that this talent passes on to their offspring. Diggy is def not one to overlook. I heard his mixtape and I gotta say I was impressed...definitely witty, definitely has flow, and definitely has some good beats for his rhymes. I automatically thought, "wow, this kid has some REAL potential." I honestly, don't like to compare Jojo and Diggy. But I definitely will say Diggy is a lot more creativity in his I think he hears things musically a lot more, so that definitely helps his whole style stick out more. His remakes even got accolades by Kanye West. We all know how much Kanye criticizes I guess if he says something good then you def at least have to take a gander. I really wonder how this kid is gonna develop. If he stays on the path he is now, and remains humble and keeps his eyes and ears open..I have no doubt that he will indeed be successful. Congrats to him on his deal with Atlantic Records!

You can check out his blog on 

Here's the interview of "Made You Look" with Good Fella Entertainment

Here's the actual video:


New Meth Rae and Ghost (Method Man, Raekwon, Ghostface Killah)

Aight, let me say...I'm glad that rhyming is starting to get gritty again...this whole polished, gimmicky shit has really got on my last nerve (to say the least). Rik Cordero is an excellent video director...i like his style of simple yet classy...raw but polished attitude toward directing. This is just a nice feel good record with some soul to it. Method Man, Ghostface Killah, and Raekwon make a dope trio. Wu-Massacre indeed. Peep the vid.