Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Fat Joe's REAL talk on Health at Rutgers University

If you haven't heard by now, Fat Joe lost nearly 100 pounds. You can really see how much leaner he looks and how much younger and vibrant his vibe's a great thing. I never really struggled with weight like that, I looked pretty lean and in shape, but I could never get my body to where I wanted. Before I turned 25, I decided to really start changing my diet. Starting eating more but much smaller meals...drink a lot more water..cut out the fruit juices or keep it to a minimum....cut out soda....and drink even more green tea. I really feel like I'm in the best shape of my life. I get a lot of compliments from my friends and they say, don't look a day past 21. Hell, I even had my own family members thinking I look less than 21. It's definitely in the genes but eating well and drinking a lot of water and tea HELPS considerably. Also, the fact that my father and my mother BOTH have diabetes, I was like "I love you guys, but that is damn sure NOT going to be me.."...i'm not taking high blood pressure pills and getting insulin and can forget it. I'm still at my peak metabolism...I'm still I just have to turn it overdrive and make sure I eat well. If this clip does not inspire you to make some proper changes in your life, then something is the matter with you. Seriously. Peep it!

Euro 2012 Violence amongst Polish and Russian fans alike could change things in FIFA and UEFA

Talk about crazy and rowdy 0_o. They even used tear gas!

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Use Manitoba carpenters for your home/business convenience

Manitoba carpenters provide quality service to just about any kind of venue you can think of using. For example, if you had a home that needed some interior details, you could use Manitoba carpenters for your shelves, your furniture, and your carpets to really change your home around. Just imagine if you had a construction site or a big project, they can provide the type of work you need for a large scale project. They can develop counters, walls, ceilings and the like for your restaurant or office. Whether the job is large or small, they can handle it all!

Get some brilliant wedding decorations

Having the perfect wedding and the perfect wedding decorations should not leave you without an arm or a leg. No. Weddingstar provides great service for a very reasonable price. Not only that, they have excellent decorations in their stock not only as a retailer but a manufacturer. For you and your loved one, you can get some excellent customizations to make your wedding stand out that much more! Just take the time and effort to speak with some of the staff. You'll have an excellent decorum in view. Whether it's decoration for the ceremony or the reception, you'll be prepared!

Get really decorative with some excellent wedding cake toppers

Putting your personality on the finishing product only adds to the special moment. That's what having your own wedding cake toppers does for your special day. It's not enough to have a great wedding, decorations, dancing. Choose your own toppers to really make that moment worth living when you cut the cake with your wife or husband. When you look years forward and look at the cake, you can really see the detail and meaning behind the top of your huge treat. Weddingstar provides a number of great toppers. You can also make your own topper to fit your wedding.

G.O.O.D. Music Is A Movement

I have to really agree with the title of this video. G.O.O.D. Music has really been holdin it down since 2005. The start was Kanye, John Legend, Consequence, GLC, and Common. Now, it's expanded to Big Sean, Pusha T, and Cyhi Da Prince. The thing that's always impressed me about the movement is that each person within this movement has a movement on their own. I mean, Common - c'mon..he has fans since the early 90s and now with his television and movie career taking off - that's even more fans. Big Sean has gained a reputation by working with some really big name artists and having two smash hits under his belt. He has a flow that's a bit different, and a lot of people say that he invented the Hash Tag style (Twitter). Everyone has an extraordinary talent whether it's writing, emceeing, or production. You can't fake on this clique as a whole. Check out the clip below:

Get More: Music News

Interesting Infographic: Map of New York's Hip-Hop Scene

Shoutout to Fast Co Design for this infographic. I like where they are going with this, but it is pretty incomplete. When you talk about Hip-Hop, you can't just say Rap or the DJ. You have to mention the embodiment! I don't see anything correlating to any graffiti or b-boy crews. In fact, the graff writers and the b-boy crews were the most influential because no one was really getting the DJs or the emcees just yet. They understood art and writing and dancing. Well, if you want to know about B-Boying and B-Boy crews, you can check out my hub (that's still in the works) called "The Art of B-boying" To get a good idea of what I'm talking about where all of the elements are represented in one, I'll post a good video. A classic video. KRS-One - Step Into a World, Rappers Delight: The Remake, and of course - the classic Lords of the Underground track - Chief Rocka! Enjoy! Hip-Hop all day! Man, I'll even throw in the Puffy Remix to Step Into a World! LOL. Hey, it's still dope! Here are some classic albums NY albums you can purchase:

Monday, June 11, 2012

UsherVEVO AMEX Unstaged Livestream

Usher never disappoints as he puts on an incredible show in London for AMEX Unstaged! Usher Concert AMEX

the.LIFE Files TV: Nas On President Obama, Lauryn Hill & Hip Hop In 2012

Another interesting Nas interview he breaks down his views on President Obama, Lauryn Hill, Mixtapes, and his own album, "Life is Good" slated for release on July 17, 2012. Enjoy! Don't forget to view his other part of the interview regarding his daughter and other topics. If you haven't seen the Summer Jam performance with Nas and Lauryn Hill rocking on stage together, check out below the interview for Nas' set at Hot 97.

Music Monday: Aaliyah - At Your Best (You are Love)

As everyone knows, I'm a huge fan of Aaliyah fan. "At Your Best" amongst others is one to calm me down when I'm really down and out. Troubling times for the past few weeks, but a special someone has held me down quite a bit. Even though we did not speak to each other for a minute, she comes through when I truly need it. That's what counts. That's why at her best, she's love. Same way as a Aaliyah. She might be gone, but her spirit is eternal. The video is the remix to the song, which is cool. But I honestly prefer the original...just that melody and her angelic voice. It's an exceptional piece of work. So, let's watch the video and hear the original! Enjoy! Oh yes, also check out the Music Monday on my Playstation blog today...throwback for Tekken 2!


It's another Living the Life from Jermaine Dupri. I always love watching these because he's one of the first people to really do the whole behind the scenes thing. Everything from his travels, his artists, working with other artists, producing, mixing, and even the spots he DJs. If you haven't seen any of the Living the Life shows, you should check out the one with Kevin Hart. It's pretty hilarious. JD is also a brand representative for Crown Royal Black, so you can check out the 1414 tour on my other blog.

Link (Electric Force) and Popin Pete (Electric Boogaloos)

This is a really, really dope clip. You pretty much get to see the evolution of street dance from 1970 up until dance now. A lot of cool comparisons and a lot of cool flavors rolled into one. I love the fact that Link can appreciate the older styles and you can see the vibe in his dance. I love how Pete embraces the youth and you can even catch him still practicing and going into dance class. Very humbling even when he's an authority on dance. Check out the clip, you might get a few things. Peace! Oh yeah, I wrote a hub yesterday on the Art of B-boying. I'm no where near done but I think I did a decent job explaining the dance in its basic format. Enjoy!

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Affion Crockett - Watch The Clone Vlog1

Hilarity will ensue! I guarantee it. This man has the BEST parodies online imho. I really think he has a gift that extends beyond just the comedy. I mean, doing impressions of rappers and producers, he kinda figured out the trigger between the two. If you haven't seen any of his parodies, you can check my Home Business blog talking about YouTube marketing and impressions. Also, you can check out some work he did Russell Simmons called "Hustle with Russells". If you haven't purchased the real "Watch the Throne" album, go post and check out the videos as they might give you something to look at! Otis N****s in Paris Mercy