Thursday, June 7, 2012

the.LIFE Files TV: Nas Talks Life, The Best Wines & Daughters

Really good interview. After seeing what Nas had to deal with for the past two years after a difficult marriage, tax problems, a kidnapping of a promoter, and his daughter's Twitter craziness...I have to say Nas is a real G for being where he's at right now. Calm, cool, collected, and happy! All around it's a great, great combo. In life we all go through some seriously tough times, but it should never break us (at least not permanently) because when you get to the bottom all you can do is really rise to the top of the ladder. The songs that I'm hearing from Nas really says something that he's elevated in a way not only lyrically, but emotionally/spiritually. When you are that focused and that calm with you and your life, it definitely helps you focus. Major kudos to Nas. Check out the interview, you may learn a few things about him that you didn't know like his favorite wine! LOL. Speaking of wine, you can check out this wine mix I made called the Blakroc Chablis! Check below for his latest video: Daughters!

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