Saturday, December 1, 2012

Ryan Leslie responds to $1 million verdict at Long Island University Concert

I still remember when R. Les created a video and a tweet regarding the situation. He CLEARLY wanted the material on the laptop! I mean, why would he care about a stinking laptop when he could buy a new one easily. It's the material, it's the music that matters the most. Some people just don't understand how much hard work goes into making quality music ESPECIALLY when you're independent.

Monday, November 26, 2012

Entertain your guests with wedding favor boxes

This is a good time to reflect back on memories or create some new ones. Get some quality wedding favor boxes to put smiles on your family and friend's faces. Whether it's bit more special such as message thanking and sharing a memory with that person in your card. Or maybe it's comedic with a funny wedding favor to make your wedding spectacular. It's not costly and is a great gesture to help out with showing your guests a lot of care for them giving up their day to celebrate your holy matrimony. Get creative and go out there to get some favor boxes.

Set the wedding off with a sand ceremony

Whether you want to have a walk down the aisle or take that first dance, a sand ceremony is definitely a great look. It's cool to have the traditional black and white theme. However, wouldn't you want to have something that creates a vibe that's very special and romantic. Maybe taking a moment and really bring the beach theme with you instead of spending thousands for the plane ride to some exotic island. You can really become even more romantic putting some cool candles at the end of your sand ceremony with the lights to make it more of a spiritual vibe.