Saturday, October 27, 2012

Get creative with awesome wedding favors

Do you want to really set off the mood of your reception and lighten people up? Well, wedding favors can definitely help in that endeavor. Wedding favors don't have to cost a fortune because all you need is some creativity and wit. Go the extra mile and embellish your wedding favors with great boxes and bags. However, people tend to like a funny theme or message right inside the box as great opener to set things off. Also, if you have a bit more money to spend, you can get some cool wine stoppers as a give before the toast starts off.

Enjoy a great unity ceremony to bring the family closer

Are you tired of the same old wedding? you can make it different by having a unity ceremony to really make the wedding that much closer to the heart. Whether you want a ceremony with candles to create a beautiful aroma or something engraved to make things really personal, ti's all up to you and your loved one. If you are simply tired of the black and white theme, this is a great and unique alternative. Weddingstar offers these great candles and ways to bring a ceremony together in a most cost effective manner. You can still have fun without breaking your budget.

Please your guests with excellent wedding favor bags

What do wedding favor bags do for your reception? Simple. They not only help to provide your wedding tables with something really nice that embellishes the stark presence of a bare table, but show a sense of class and elegance. It shows that you care about your guests, it shows that you have a love for your people. Wedding favor bags don't have to dig deep in your pockets. You can set out a reasonable budget with a simple message or a simple treat to entice your relatives and closest friends. Add a bit of fun and spark with wedding favor bags.

Get some great beach wedding favors for your guests

Bring the beach to your guests by getting some great beach wedding favors. Let's say you planned a wedding in winter time and it was supposed to be at the beach, but some of your friends could not afford the ticket. Well, you can simply create an illustrious theme for your with sea shells, great candles, and even some wine holders that have starfish on them. It's all up to your creativity and attention to design. Weddingstar can really help you create this beautiful fantasy and make it a beach theme wedding that you and your family will never ever forget.

Friday, October 26, 2012

Give your guests a smile with some unique wedding favors

You know what's great? Hilarious and unique wedding favors to give your guests to put a smile on their face. Just imagine getting a luxurious box with nothing inside but a funny message. You can only think of the look on your guest's face for thinking an elaborate piece is in the box, but it's funny instead. See this way you can be really creative without having to spend tons of dollars. Also, you can dish out a little bit more money by getting decorative and putting some nice accessories in the wedding box if you have more of a budget.

Get some great wedding invitations to send to your friends and family.

Are you fresh out of ideas on how to present your wedding invitations to your family and friends? Well, Weddingstar has some excellent choices for you as you make the first step to your wedding, the invites. You can make them as basic as an RSVP so you can get your listing together. You can even get a bit more expansive as far as finding suggestions for food choices to build up a general consensus of what your peers and family may want to eat during the reception. You can even customize the theme of the invitations to your own liking.

Monday, October 22, 2012

Music Monday - Ryan Leslie - Les is More

ryan leslie les is more R-Les has been coming with the heat for the past 8 months of just producing some really great content. If you don't know what this guy is about, please check out his YouTube channel at RyanLeslieTV. He got out of his contact with Universal Motown and is now independent (a smart move) because he pretty much does everything from the designing, engineering, mixing, producing, writing, arrangement, etc. Here are a few of my fav tracks as well as the latest videos he's released. Enjoy and don't forget to purchase it now!