Monday, June 28, 2010

Country Hip-Hop = WTF is this sh*t?_?

Ok, so I posted this on my facebook earlier today. Extremely hilarious! Ok, Country + *Hip-Hop* = Nelly and Tim McGraw (not sooo much). Country + *Hip-Hop* dancing = fail? I think yess!!! Btw, WTF is "COWBOY HIP-HOP"? Wow. Just watch and be amazed, or

DJ Mic L's live afternoon mix!

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2010 BET Awards - Chris Brown tribute to MJ and Breakdown

As a dancer, I can wholeheartedly say I feel Chris Brown for not being able to go through this whole thing without breaking down. The media definitely slaying him for his wrongdoing...dealing with the last album not selling like it normally does...gaining the fans trust..just a lot of things probably built up into this one moment. And don't even forget he probably didn't even have the chance to properly grieve because of all that happened. If you can't identify with this performance, you have no soul or no kinda heart. We all knew that Michael Jackson was his biggest idol, and how much this performance meant to him...Props to Chris Brown. Very heartfelt performance. Michael would be proud.