Tuesday, August 31, 2010

How to win $1,000 on Karmaloop

Hopped on twitter and what do i see/Karmaloop tweeting about 1000 of these dollars to spend/I look in my pockets and all I see lint/Can't even ask someone to lend me a G/So Shocked..Birthday coming up and I'm broke as a joke/Don't wanna be looking like an average bloke/They got the huge summer sale and this 1000 dollar contest popping off/I'm like man, we giving them 1 mill in free promo so I already know I can make em 4 gees with a breeze/So I stare at these Triumvir tees and think man, I want that Chun-Li up there!/ Black shirt with Xtra Large (no XXL)/Karmaloop needs no magazine or outside marketing scheme to get hits/So I'd thought I should come up with this rhyme/So that in time they pick me as the victor/I bet I'll spend that 1000 bucks even quicker than a blink of the eye/ Muhammad Ali said he'd turn the lights off and be in bed before it got dark/Well, gimme that 1000 bucks and I'll do Akuma's Raging Demon and leave you knocked out/Total paralysis, motion less...looking like a horny cat looking a fine chick w/ a some big ass T.I.T.S./If you looking for fresh gear, I got the repcode/ JS24571 at the check out so don't put me on hold/20% off for you to get fly as I told you/Fresh denims, fresh tees, and much more of these/So I hope I get the G =). #karmaloop

Will Smith Inspirational interview

This guy is definitely one of my inspirations...from MC to actor to an empire onto his own. This guy's work ethic is impeccable. As a young entrepreneur in the real trenches starting from the bottom, I cannot help but be motivated by such things as this interview. Whenever I hear about success and wealth, the main attributions I hear: hard work, perseverance, and chasing the dream. Of course, I wanna make money doing blogging, e-mail marketing, etc. However, I love the challenge, I love the mindset, I love writing, and I love expression, too. Just the fact that I have so much power behind just a computer and internet access is crazy. Also, the fact that still a very minute amount of people understand this concept, makes me feel great. So on the road to just chasing this dream of having financial freedom and doing something I love to do. I will not stop and I will keep going toward this like a hyena on a lion cub. lol. Anyway, check it out!