Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Will Smith Inspirational interview

This guy is definitely one of my inspirations...from MC to actor to an empire onto his own. This guy's work ethic is impeccable. As a young entrepreneur in the real trenches starting from the bottom, I cannot help but be motivated by such things as this interview. Whenever I hear about success and wealth, the main attributions I hear: hard work, perseverance, and chasing the dream. Of course, I wanna make money doing blogging, e-mail marketing, etc. However, I love the challenge, I love the mindset, I love writing, and I love expression, too. Just the fact that I have so much power behind just a computer and internet access is crazy. Also, the fact that still a very minute amount of people understand this concept, makes me feel great. So on the road to just chasing this dream of having financial freedom and doing something I love to do. I will not stop and I will keep going toward this like a hyena on a lion cub. lol. Anyway, check it out!

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