Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Fat Joe's REAL talk on Health at Rutgers University

If you haven't heard by now, Fat Joe lost nearly 100 pounds. You can really see how much leaner he looks and how much younger and vibrant his vibe's a great thing. I never really struggled with weight like that, I looked pretty lean and in shape, but I could never get my body to where I wanted. Before I turned 25, I decided to really start changing my diet. Starting eating more but much smaller meals...drink a lot more water..cut out the fruit juices or keep it to a minimum....cut out soda....and drink even more green tea. I really feel like I'm in the best shape of my life. I get a lot of compliments from my friends and they say, don't look a day past 21. Hell, I even had my own family members thinking I look less than 21. It's definitely in the genes but eating well and drinking a lot of water and tea HELPS considerably. Also, the fact that my father and my mother BOTH have diabetes, I was like "I love you guys, but that is damn sure NOT going to be me.."...i'm not taking high blood pressure pills and getting insulin and can forget it. I'm still at my peak metabolism...I'm still I just have to turn it overdrive and make sure I eat well. If this clip does not inspire you to make some proper changes in your life, then something is the matter with you. Seriously. Peep it!

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