Monday, June 11, 2012

Music Monday: Aaliyah - At Your Best (You are Love)

As everyone knows, I'm a huge fan of Aaliyah fan. "At Your Best" amongst others is one to calm me down when I'm really down and out. Troubling times for the past few weeks, but a special someone has held me down quite a bit. Even though we did not speak to each other for a minute, she comes through when I truly need it. That's what counts. That's why at her best, she's love. Same way as a Aaliyah. She might be gone, but her spirit is eternal. The video is the remix to the song, which is cool. But I honestly prefer the original...just that melody and her angelic voice. It's an exceptional piece of work. So, let's watch the video and hear the original! Enjoy! Oh yes, also check out the Music Monday on my Playstation blog today...throwback for Tekken 2!

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