Thursday, February 11, 2010

Overdue but RIP BIG PUN

Much respect to all the boricuas out there. This cat definitely put it down. Not only the best Latin American lyricist *imho*, but one of the best lyricists in rap, period. Big Pun wuz ill. This wuz a big dude like bigger than the Notorious B.I.G. but the way he spit, u def didn't know. This fool spat in a multi-syllabic style of rhyming (straight spitfire flow). And the thing about it, he didn't take breaths...his ass kept going! LOL. I loved his punchlines, too. It was like he was really boxing u or stabbing u. Cat could catch wreck with anyone. Definitely dropped a lot of juelz. Here are some of my fav joints right here including a rare freestyle with X, Mos Def, and Canibus ...


  1. Big Pun is by far the nicest lyricist of all time in history of rap. I mean the nigga was dead nice. He shit on anyone in history of rap. The nigga had a flow that nobody can fuck with and his lyrics are just too freakin good and still make sense. The way he played with words and the way he mastered it and delivered it with the smoothest and rawest rapid fire machine gun flow delivery and his breath control was mindblowing. His voice was also amazing and just ideal for rap. The nigga was just musically perfect overall. RIP THE GOAT!

  2. ^word, i definitely agree....definitely light yrs ahead of most of the rest....great lyrical, flow, delivery, and much more.