Thursday, February 11, 2010

Why is Social Networking imperative nowadays?

From the music aspect, here's a couple of youtube vids from Jermaine Dupri. In a struggling economy, I think it's mandatory to hear something like this. People are complaining about lack of jobs, this that and the third. I tell them...why not build your own something u like...u market it on ur own...monetize it. I realize more and more everyday. Life does not wait for anyone. When you say what you are going to do. Go after it, period. Don't sit on ur ass all day saying what you gonna do. Just do it. Life rewards goes to the go getters, period. Go for urs in whatever avenue you choose. I feel blogging, twitter, facebook, and other avenues are some of the best ways to market without spending a dollar. Twitter for me is the most useful because the amount of followers you have on top of all the curious ppl out there let u know how powerful your stuff is. I might send out a tweet on a subject that interests me such as gaming (like a new cheat or a new release). I have 600+ followers and that one tweet might get me 35 visitors on my blog site. Information travels fast, and a tweet is concise, str8 to the point. It's almost as if it's a title that draws u right into the product you are marketing. Let me not steer away from the topic, though.

Here's a good break down of how useful and imperative social networking is definitely not the same anymore. No traditional marketing plan of a website will not work, anymore. Blogging is what counts. People are into a more personal vibe. Ppl want their info quick, fast, and the point to be concise. A lot of ppl are sleeping on it, but it's definitely important. Ppl don't realize that changes are happening faster and faster. I'm not saying to get on a bandwagon, but when it's something like this. It's definitely useful. Don't be the one caught in the matrix w/o a key. Str8 up. Be the one that gets the spare and always have keys on deck to unlock doors.

With all these free *for now* avenues that are happening, don't sleep on it. Once it's closed, it's closed. Wake up! That is all =). Peep the vids below...and also check out Jermaine's twitter... 


  1. Good find. After going to a few music conferences, I learned that the overwhelming fact is exactly like you said. Thanks to social networking, anything you're interested in can be as large or as small as you allow it to be. Many people get into blogging/vlogging, twitter, and all kinds of other means of social networking to try for instant fame or monetary gain. As JD said, it's about making your brand and building upon that brand.

  2. is one thing, but do it because u enjoy it...and show u have a genuine love for it.