Sunday, February 7, 2010

Athletes non-athletic antics...

Ok, this is an issue that I need to address right quick.  Why every week do I have to hear about another celebritiy's mainly athlete's infidelity, abuse, or something else?

Aight, one thing - celebrities (you are human) you are not insusceptible to getting caught by the media. I wish most of y'all would be more aware and abreasted to the fact that media x celebrity x money = no privacy. So that means you would already be on iSpy camera. C'mon have some common sense?? Plz!! Your infidelity or wrong doing will come to justice. Yes, I understand that other ppl more worse shit, but I'm just saying - you are in the limelight a lot of the times and ppl make their living stalking *ahem* um...taking pictures of u..lolol. I mean, look at all the celebrity blogs out there. You do realize all the rumors, facts, etc..they are getting paid regardless.

Number # 2 - why should we care? they are ppl..let them live their lives even if it's wrong. I mean, they will pay anyway because karma is a big fat bitch you don't wanna fuck (seriously). I mean, this drama is not putting money in your pocket. Why do u care? Focus on urself and keep it moving. And not act like u r perfect, either. We are all imperfect humans that are learning every single day. We are a bound to mistakes no matter how lil or catastrophic. At one point or another, we will be feeling ourselves (meaning we think we are untouchable - don't get it twisted..haha).

Well, this is not going to be some long diatribe or lecture or preaching...just wanted to get a couple things off my chest. I know it's a lil bit more personal and vehement. Oh well. It's my blog for a reason. haha. Welp, now to kick back and getting ready for the Superbowl (should be interesting seeing as both teams have something to fight for).

Peace n <3 y'all.  

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