Friday, February 5, 2010

Eyes shudder from little beams of hope - my ode to Haiti

Likkle haiti, likkle haiti...let di sun from god shine pon yuh face/ Show dem pearly whites of di yute and di crooked dentures of di old/All adversity make u stronger/May di ppl round di earth beckon yuh call/ Ye shall not falter any longer/ Wipe di dirt off yuh nose and keep faith/Bad tings come and gwan for most/Mi kno yuh life of plunder served a long term sentence/Yuh bring pride not only inna di caribbean but all round di world/Monetary maybe an all time low/ But di spirits raise hi as yuh raise di original colors of independence/Mi pray fuh everyone especially di likkle yute/Half di population no older den mi self/ Mi cyan believe uh ting like dis cause so much disaster/Mi haffi chip in so yuh cyan muster mud cakes fuh supper/Tings uh gwan outta order/No food, no home, n di only hospital turned into rubble/Ppl nuh realize dis be uh domino effect/All black erryting nuh diamond set/Nuh matter - caribbean, african american, black - all di same ting in essence/Keep yuh spirit, yuh character n yuh be continued..

Little haiti, Little Haiti...let the sun from god shine upon your face/ show them pearly whites of the youth and the crooked dentures of the old/ All adversity makes u stronger/ May the people around the earth beckon your call/ You shall not falter any longer/ Wipe the dirt off your nose and keep faith/ Bad things come and go for most/ I know your life of plunder served a long term sentence/ You bring pride not only in the caribbean but all around the world/ Monetarily you maybe at an all time low/ But raise your spirits high as you raise the original colors of independence/ I pray for everyone especially the little youth/ Half the population is no older than myself/ I can't believe a thing like this can cause so much disaster/ I have to chip in so you don't have to eat mud cakes for supper/ Things are going outta order/ No food, no home, and the only hospital turned into rubble/ People don't realize how this is a domino effect/ All black everything and I'm not talking about a diamond set/ It doesn't matter - caribbean, african american, black - it's all the same thing in essence/ Keep your spirit, your character, and your blessings be continued....


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