Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Michael Jackson X Playstation 3 X This Is It Film

I thought this was a pretty interesting little blog from one of the people at IGN…It’s a PlayStation 3 120 GB cover box that features Michael Jackson’s This Is It.

The box set features a 120 gb Playstation 3, and the blu-ray disc of the movie. I guess my only gripe would be that the actual console is not all white like the Final Fantasy XIII bundle. We all know how MJ was rocking that white hard on stage with the white gloves..hahahaha =P. However, it still looks pretty dope actually, and this will definitely be in high demand really soon – thats for sure. This is a great thing for all fans of Michael Jackson and a great collector’s item in general. As a fan of his work, I would definitely grab something like this. This is a special limited release in Japan that’s currently going for about ¥33,500 for the bundle which translates to roughly $362 here in the states. If I had the loot, I would definitely go out and cop it. We all know how Ebay is going to raise the market value once people start scrambling to buy it. All I know if his concert sells out in less than 40-50 mins… who knows what will happen with a system that’s getting in great demand with a movie that’s been seen worldwide…on top of a musical and cultural icon to boot. For more info def hit up


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