Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Lady Pink O.G. writer interview.

Here's a nice interview with O.G. Graffiti Writer, Lady Pink..if you've seen Wild Style, she was Raymond's (Lee Quinones) girl. I believe this was from 2007. Man, her artistry has come a long way!! I love to see people advance in their art. She makes a good point, though. It can definitely be related to the mainstream crap (i mean, rap) game out there. Don't sell yourself out just for money...seriously, money making should be an objective and you do have mouths to feed, but don't come out with solely bullshit. There should be a balance. Str8 up. Anyway, here is the interview.
 Props to Koreanroc.com
Lady Pink - OG Graffiti Artist (KoreanRoc.com) from Koreanroc on Vimeo.

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