Monday, March 8, 2010

Music Monday - Main Source

Aight, I haven't done this in a while on here but here is my music monday for the day: Main Source. Ok, this group might not be one of the most well known peeps nowadays but they were truly revolutionary. For one thing, they were the first Canadian via New York Hip-Hop group. It consisted of members: Large Professor (well-known producer  from Queens that produced joints for Nas, Busta Rhymes to name a few), Sir Scratch, K-Cut (both from Toronto, Canada). I have to say out of all of them - Large Professor definitely shined the most - I mean, he produced some of the illest tracks in the 90's. Definitely one of the greatest producers from the Golden Era (imho). And also, it was the first song/feature that Nas was on. It's a legendary 16 that's he is still well known for on the track called "Live from the Barbeque". 16 years old with barely a 9th grade education. It's a dayum shame when I think about how a lot of so-called "rappers/emcees" do not even have the amount of diction, wordplay, and charisma on the mic with even more of an education than Nas received. That's a dayum shame. That says a lot about this generation. Well, I won't turn this into rant.

Here are a few videos from Main Source. Definitely all classics.



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