Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Natural disasters: Is it just me or is the frequency making me worried?

Ok. We've been in global warming for a while now (I know this). However, these back to back earthquakes from Haiti and Chile  makes me really wonder how much we are actually taking from Mother Earth. I mean, there is such thing as natural phenomena - this is true. There are no things stopping it from happening, and we have no control (for the most part). With all this man made stuff and how much of the earth we take advantage of for our benefit, I really wonder if these are the causes of our irresponsibility as to preserving the platform we live upon.  Those were not any old earthquakes that hit. The Haiti quake was a 7.0 scaled quake. And Chile's was even stronger at 8.8. That's something to fear especially after reading how the time continuum slightly shifted. In lay man's terms, the 8.8. quake may have shifted the entire Earth's natural rotation. This means that days are going to be a little shorter. Now, if that doesn't say anything to you, I dunno what does. It's not like this kind of stuff didn't happen, but this was a back to back thing. I can't even imagine if another quake of this magnitude happens really soon. Hmm...At any rate, here's the article - very interesting and frightening at the same time.


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