Monday, April 12, 2010

Exclusive Drake "Over" video

Well, the video is finally out. I have to say this much better than his previous "Best I Ever Had" off of So Far Gone. There were a lot of green screen shots, but I think he definitely got his point across. A lot of criticism this year from the 23 yr old from Toronto both good and bad. Something tells me if he keeps hard at his work ethic and gets on the right kind of tracks and remains honest (for the most part), he'll be around for a while. I have a feeling this is def gonna be a good late spring/early summer anthem. In fact, I know it will be especially on college campuses. lmao. Anyway, looking forward to what's in store for "Thank Me Later". I will either be pleasantly shocked, or sadly disappointed. We shall see =). Hopefully, it's the first choice. Without further ado, here's "Over".

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