Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Ryan Leslie - "Beautiful Lie" (Official Music Video)

All I have to say so far is...THIS MOFO REALLY FILMED THIS IN PARIS!!! LOL. For anyone that did not catch that reference, I'll post the previous video after this one. All I have to say is I truly hope that 2012 is Ryan Leslie's breakout year. He does NOT get the credit he deserves. The man is a flat out, self sufficient genius. I'm actually really glad he is doing it on his own terms now. COMPLETE creative control! If you didn't know, he was one of the first artists to really do the viral video, promote yourself and build your brand ONLINE type of person. This goes to show hard work, vision, and dedication really does pay off. One more thing: he really did have the DOUBLE escalades (DOUBLE Es) !! HAHAHA!

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