Monday, May 21, 2012

Music Monday - C.A.T. ft Chii by Zig-Zag starring Onslaut

Here is something you call the ingredients for a classic. Who can deny the cover alone? I mean, you have Cory and Topanga. Anybody who grew up in the 90s (Black, White, Hispanic, Asian, Green, Red, Purple, Nurple) knows that this was the CLASSIC love story. Two people that started off as two weird opposites that eventually developed a great friendship and became great lovers. Not lovers in the sense of pure intimacy, but lovers in the sense of they really had this great endearing love for one another. The track is memorable with a beat laced that's not too complex, but just right so you can really focus on what the song is saying. The smooth ambiance and synths in the track definitely give you the vibe you need to just relax and mellow out. The hook is simple but really catchy playing off with a dab of autotune. It's a tasteful and not enough to bombard the track. Zig-Zag did a great job with the production and the hook/chorus. Onslaut was spot on with some smooth lyrics that really got to the point of kinda serenading a girl he might be talking to. With great images and references to past shows of that time period, you definitely can reminisce and relate to this track growing up in that era. Good stuff, overall. Check out the track below. Follow Zig-Zag on Twitter for more work and shenanigans.

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