Sunday, June 24, 2012

Music Monday/RIP Michael Jackson - Off the Wall album full

Michael Jackson - Off the Wall Michael Jackson was a straight up legend. Plain and simple. The way he touched the heart of billions is something you can never take away. There are people that say people die, don't grieve over them. I can understand that people die, but when they are gone a little too soon and they have an impact on billions of people and you know they've affected your life in more ways than one - how can you say something like that? I'm just keeping it all the way real. I can remember being really young and really loving all of those 90s MJ hits. Well, late 80s to 90s hits. I remember trying to do the backslide (MJ called it the moonwalk which he learned from Jeffrey Daniels) and getting my socks all dirty and what not. Those were some good times, indeed. Here I've posted my favorite MJ album of all time: Off the Wall. Incredible, incredible songs. You talking MJ at his prime right here. Peep it! Click the picture above to purchase the album!

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