Monday, July 16, 2012

Download the new Nas album "Life is Good" today!

Nas album I know the official Nas release is not until, tomorrow (17th). You can click that and order it, but I had to get the bootleg copy just because I'm that dayum excited! LOL. Trust me, I'm definitely going to support this album. You should, too! It's that dayum good! You can check out the download link here, but PLEASE support REAL Hip-Hop. I'll get into a review of a few tracks I'm really feeling. The Don - definitely one of my fav tracks because Nas is really feelin the vibe and just knows he's in echelon of his own. This is one of the last tracks you get to hear the Jamaican influence of Heavy D for the production. You Wouldn't Understand - I'm really loving the flow on this one. The production sounds like a throwback 80s. Mad smooth and you even hear Nas talk about Fila and Adidas shelltoes, so you know the vibe he's on. Back When - If you aren't familiar with the sample in the beginning, then you aren't Hip-Hop. Point. Blank. Period. As soon as I heard the MC Shan sample, I knew where this track was going. Stay - Smooth, mellow, and relaxing. Something about Nas' flow on jazz tracks just making everything seem so much clearer. I guess it's nurture because his pops, Olu Dara, was a Jazz musician. It's fitting. This is the type of track you need a nice glass of wine to listen to and really take it all in. Cherry Wine - This is a great track. When I saw an interview with Nas and he was talking about this specific song, I told myself I had to hear it. I wanted to wait until the album came out (or near there) so I could hear it in great quality. RIP to Amy Winehouse. Her voice complements this song beautifully. It's a real feel good that makes me want to chill with a beautiful woman and just enjoy life. Bye Baby - It's a good closure song for Nas. I think he was really able to let go and simply let it all out. Honesty is one of the strong things we have in music. It's a courageous thing for Nas to be able to show his validity even with his most personal items.

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