Friday, August 10, 2012

Drake and producer 40 (Noah Shebib) to executive produce Aaliyah posthumous album

I have to be completely honest right now. I have no idea how well this project is going to come off. In fact, I still haven't listened to the new Aaliyah track with Drake yet. I don't know if I can. I guess that's the big Aaliyah fan in me. She is someone dear to my heart. I mean, when you have a dream like I had with Aaliyah and the conversation that took place, you'll always have a deep spiritual connection that cannot be broken. One thing I will note is that 40 and Drake do have some good ears, so melodically and sonically I think the project has a lot of potential. And also the fact that Timbaland is on board to produce a few tracks and probably Missy Elliott. If they can bring back the old magic and mix it in with the movement they bring for today on some non beef ish, this could work. I'm very hopeful because Aaliyah deserves her music presented in a correct manner. She DESERVES it. I really hope they take their time with this if it does go down. I know Aaliyah's fam does not approve (who can blame them), but if the project comes out very well with the respect, love, care, and genuine heart that Aaliyah possessed - that's all that matters in the end.

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