Saturday, August 25, 2012

Rest in Peace and Power - Aaliyah Dana Haughton aka Babygirl

You see this picture right here? Not only is this a vinyl record of "If your girl only knew" but it's a PROMOTIONAL copy! So, you already know it's a lot more valuable. In fact, it's one of the most priceless things I own. Anyone that truly knows me can tell you how big of an Aaliyah I am. I've told the story before but basically a week after she passed I was soo distraught because I always wanted to meet her. I did. In my dreams, I was able to see her, hug her, and talk to her in a really deep conversation. Everything felt so real. I never met her in the physical realm, but I did meet her in the spiritual realm. I've never had a dream like that before or after I saw Aaliyah. Here are a few of my favorite videos by Aaliyah! Enjoy!

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