Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Atomic Goofball's Under Armour Spine Venom Challenge Entry

This is really touching and well filmed. The thing I like about this film over all the other ones is really putting a relatable topic that others can gravitate toward. It's not about just being an athlete or dance. It's about the sacrifice you make in life and how it can affect others. Of course, you want to be happy and go for yours, but realize that others love you or want to spend a bit of time with you as well. You have to balance your time whether it's work, career, passion, family, friends, and loved ones. This is definitely a testament to all people. Very great video! Shoutout to Atomic Goofball and Chris Bivins (for filming). Please be sure to check out Toyz Are Us video (showing the life of a b-boy from training and competition) and Bboy Napalm (a day in the life of his Martial Arts background mixed in with the b-boy lifestyle!) below! Enjoy!

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