Friday, January 22, 2010

iPhone gets a Sega Genesis App?

Sega is bringing the ultimate collection Genesis app next month due in part to the In-App purchase. The app basically works as an emulator *i know y'all remember those snes9x days...hahaha and the wgens =)*, and ultimate collection will be free. However, other downloads you will have to pay. When the app goes live, the following games will be available:

Sonic the Hedgehog - $5.99
Golden Axe - $4.99
Ecco the Dolphin - $2.99
Shining Force - $2.99

There are certain issues with pricing - hmm...6 bucks for Sonic on an iPhone *not soooo much* - it definitely should be cheaper. I can understand 3 dollars at most, but oh well. We shall see what happens in the future =).

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