Tuesday, March 30, 2010

New Usher interview on marriage, divorce, MJ, and Raymond v Raymond

I think Usher is a pretty interesting person - it's always intriguing to see the mindset of a musician. With such a busy/hectic lifestyle, you never truly get to see what is the inner qualities of that person. Of course, being on any media platform you have to be on your 'A' game aka appropriate by pop star standards. Sometimes, that may not be exactly what the person is, or better yet - the full envelope unwrapping of the person. I think the older Usher gets the more of a true person you get to see. It's like with each album he gets deeper and deeper in who he is as a person. I can respect that. It kinda reminds me of MJ in the sense that he might not have said too much in the cameras, but if you truly listened to his music - you'd see the powerful, inner messages he gave. Well, I honestly am looking forward to hearing the rest of his album. Been a fan since "My Way". Anyway, check out the interview. Pretty interesting. Can't wait to check out Raymond v Raymond 

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