Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Step Up 3D trailer

Ok, first off....i'm not the hugest fan of  the Step Up series. However, I have seen both Step Up and Step Up 2 just to show support for the real dancers in the film. Each ticket is another opportunity for them. I have a certain thing about mainstream dance Yes, yes - critic. But I can't lie..I'm truly happy and honored that the people in my community (house, popping, locking, b-boying) are getting jobs and feeding their families off their talent. More and more of us are being featured in movies, commercials, etc. And inch by inch we are making are dances "credible" by the media. I'm really hoping with all this that the dancers learn not only how to gain acting skills and perform for a worldwide audience but take control (learning all the behind the scenes: directing, producing, and editing). That would be my see our own ppl control and make films based off the rawness of the dance...encompassing everything. This is definitely a good start. I'm actually looking forward to seeing this movie. And I know mad ppl in this flick. My homegirl, Pandora, kills the tutting! she's niceeeeeee =). i <3 her ^_-. lolol. Anyway, peep it =P

Step Up 3D in HD

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