Monday, April 5, 2010

Boondocks Season 3 trailer, finally!!

Ok, first off, I wanna say Happy Easter, 'all!! I hope y'all had a blessed day =).

All right, so this has been an extremely long wait as y'all know. Boondocks has been good to us thus far..The first season starting back in 2005, and the second season coming out in 2007. Finally, Aaron McGruder is to release the third season after all of us waiting a few years. I think he just wanted more to happen, and in a way - I'm glad he did. This season will definitely have a lot of people talking (i shoulda seen yo ass at Towson, btw. what happened??? lol). Anyway, I can already see this season being controversial now that we have a black president. I wonder how Uncle Rukkus is gonna take that. Hahaha. But yes, the new season is due out May 2nd, I believe. Should make an interesting start to early summer, right? Well, without further ado, here we go - the trailer for Season 3 of Boondocks. Props to that Jay Electronica "Exhibit C"  track being on it. NICE! Check it out:

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