Friday, April 9, 2010

R.I.P. Malcolm McLaren

I'ma keep this story as short as possible.

 I remember it was roughly 2002 <---I was 15 years old. I was just getting into b-boying, and I didn't have much to go on. MTV 2 at the time was a really underground station, imho. They played some of the most underground videos, and had different specials. In fact, it was like the original MTV in certain ways that just played solely videos. I came across this special on there called Made in New York or Once Upon a Time in New York (something like that). It had old videos that were made in New York. One of them was the old Blondie video with Fab Five Freddy. You remember that one line that Debbie Harry said "Eating cars in bars." LOL.

Anyway, so I was watching it...I automatically heard this random beat. I saw a young Rock Steady Crew doing some of their famous routines. All I heard was scratching...."all that scratching is making me itch" literally. I was like whoooooaaaa...what is this song?????? What is this video???? This is the weirdest video I'd ever seen. First off, the title, Buffalo Gals (dozy do?). It was sooo weird (Let me tell y'all this is about 2 yrs before youtube really hit...and I was still on that 56k type ish....morpheus was king at the time..hahaha). So, of course, I immediately hit up my boy Tyree. We were geeking at this video, and we showed the rest of the crew. I kept watching this one part over n over when Wigz and I think it was Fabel did this pseudo locking section..(it's on the breakdown section of the song). Man, I loved that video sooo much...I think I must have replayed that video at least 10,000+ times. Haha. It just had a major impact on me. It was not just the song, the dancing, the video. It was the style, the freshness, the energy, the youth of the video that made me feel the way I felt. Mind you..that video is 27 years old. Hip-Hop was still very much in the infant stage as far as exposing itself into a worldwide phenom.

I thank McLaren for exposing me to a few key elements in Hip-Hop, and just bringing me into a further thrust of knowledge as I was in my preliminary stage of becoming a Hip-Hopper. You not only give me memories as a b-boy and hip-hopper but bring me back to my youth when my life was more carefree, and it felt soo adventurous. Thank you.

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