Thursday, December 9, 2010

Lloyd Banks: Next 48 hours Part 1

I'm not the biggest G-Unit fan ever, but I always liked Lloyd Banks. I thought he was probably one of the more lyrical/clever/witty type of cats. He always had a straight forward no gimmicky style of flow. A straight up New York cat. Honestly, I thought when he came out with "Beamer, Benz, and Bentley"...I was like aight, he got himself a smash hit, which is cool. I wanna see what the rest of his album looks like. He def has some joints on there!! I like the joint he did with Lloyd, the joint with just Ryan Leslie, and "Start It Up" is an ill track as well. I can go into it deeper, but the whole Interscope dropping him situation as a lil messed up. However, business is business. I'm glad he decided to go independently because he'll get more returns...I bet Jimmy Iovine was thinking dayum...I shouldn't have dropped him. Oh well, good for Banks to stay independent instead of just going back to Iovine's camp because he wanted him back AFTER the success of "B.B.B.". At any rate, peep the jump off right quick and check the making of "Start It Up" :

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