Tuesday, November 8, 2011


Man, I can't even begin to say how much I listened to this cat growing up. He was on a lot of influential stuff from creating the theme song to "In Living Color", "MADTV", on a song with Michael Jackson and Janet Jackson. How many artists (PERIOD) can say they've accomplished that at basically the height of their careers? I just remember listening to a lot of his old school songs, and the dope tracks he spit a hot 16 on for remixes and the like..he had some fire. He didn't even curse a lot on his records, which made it even more special. He stuck to who he was..he didn't care about personifying a character, an image, or a look. Although, he did have the fly suits when he danced. HAHAHA! It's crazy how Joe Frazier passed the other day (RIP), and Heavy D sent out a tweet about that..literally 15 hours later pronounced dead? How does that happen? Why are the famous black people that have contributed so much dying so fast. It's so crazy. But anyway, here are a few of my old school Heavy D tracks:

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