Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Wale reaches #2 on Billboard 100

Woot, first of all, congrats to Wale! This is a big accomplish for the DMV (D.C./Maryland/Virginia) area. From selling 28,000 on his debut album, "Attention Deficit" on Interscope to now selling 164,000+ his first week with Maybach Music/Warner Bros, it's a big ass accomplishment. You can tell this dude worked his ass off!!! I've been listening to Wale's stuff since 2005-2006, that's when his first major regional single "Dig-Dug" came out in the D.C. Metro Area. I really think that he has a lot better promotion this time. I mean, he was promoted a bit with his Interscope debut, but I honestly don't think he really had the chance to truly get out there, you know? It really sucks, but he's with a MUCH better team this time around. The sound of music will be much better, too. I'll definitely try to cop "Ambition". Congrats to Wale! Here's the RapFix below

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